Brake lights with 5 bars

I've been stuck in traffic while driving a lot lately.  Why don't car brake lights show how hard someone is braking?  It seems to me if we standardized on a size of brake light that could go on the back of every vehicle, that we could have 5 bars on it.  When the driver is braking hard, all 5 bars would be lit, when breaking moderately, only 3 bars would be lit, and when just tapping the brakes, only one bar would be lit. Maybe I'm just a sucker for standards like this.... but this idea would save everyone from having to evaluate the distance and speed of multiple cars while in stop and go traffic and would probably prevent a lot of minor accidents.  Somebody should start working on this.  


PHP Zend Studio 5.2 Released with license for Zend Platform

From the email:
Zend is pleased to announce the release of Zend Studio 5.2 - now including a free developer license for Zend Platform allowing you to increase the reliability and maximize the performance of your application before deployment.

I've already downloaded the update and installed.  However, it's not clear how you actually get the license for the platform.  Hopefully they straighten that out so I can start playing with it.

 UPDATE: How to get the Zend Studio Platform and get it licensed.