.Net MVC framework for winforms and ASP ?

One of my biggest complaints so far with working on projects in .NET is the total lack of community projects. It seems every worthwhile-looking solution that is out there is spearheaded by Microsoft and slapped into its “patterns and practices” section. The problem I have with this of course is that if I choose any of these framework solutions to build upon, I wonder if MS will continue to support it moving forward. There are already a few of these solutions that have largely been abandoned.

My present needs have me creating a lightweight MVC framework for .NET. I need to have a system whereby I can create the core functionality one time and port the solution to either a desktop Winforms solution or an ASP.NET web-based solution. It seems to me that loads of people would want this same functionality. And yet, I haven’t been able to find an MVC framework that can do this except for the UIP Application block. Not only is that block created and supported by MS (strike one), but it is needlessly complicated (strike two). The user community surrounding it seems to also be non-existent (strike three).

There are a few MVC frameworks for ASP solutions on sourceforge and/or freshmeat but nothing with the ability to go from Winforms to ASP and back again. So, when I’m done with my own framework, I’ll probably open it up and slap it on sourceforge as a new project. Of course if I’m missing something in my search here, please drop me a line.

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