Yahoo customer service is amazing

I use my.yahoo.com/ all the time lately. Obviously, I use the email and the weather feature is nice. I have both of these on my front page. But some of the other tools of my.yahoo.com have become indispensable to me, particularly, the bookmarks, notes and briefcase. I use these to store files and information of a temporary nature that I can use from both home and the office.

Yesterday morning, my yahoo briefcase broke. I’m not sure what happened but when I was moving a fairly large database file from one folder to another in the briefcase, it came back with an error. Then, no matter what I clicked on in the briefcase, it wouldn’t go anywhere or do anything. Gasping at straws I filled out the help form at my.yahoo. Lo and behold, yahoo customer service actually wrote me back within 12 hours AND fixed the problem.

I couldn’t believe it. I was dumbfounded -- a free web-based service that actually takes the time to support their users. I’m not even a “customer” so I don’t even know if that’s the correct name to use, but yahoo customer service is amazing. Enough said.

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