Adobe Creative Suite, First impressions, Where are the Keyboard Shortcuts?

Just got Adobe CS 2 for some graphics work on the PC at home. I'll be the first to admit that programmers shouldn't do graphics, but there's an urgent need (and I also like to play) so there you go. So far, so good, everything is similar enough to previous versions of Adobe programs that I can be productive.

I can't remember any of the keyboard shortcuts though and it's driving me mad. For instance, in photoshop or illustrator, how do I fill with foreground or background color via keyboard shortcut? It's ctrl-something. No clue, can't find it in the help anywhere.

Also started working with Version Cue, the new version control system within Adobe. It's a memory hog, using about 128mb of memory while it's just sitting in the tray. I don't like that. But it does seem much more in tune to graphics work then using something like subversion or cvs for version control. The actual working of Cue is sort of similar to a normal version control system. With Cue, you can opt to "Save as Version" instead of "check in" a file. You have to make sure that Version Cue is running in the tray and that each Adobe program is set up in the preferences for working with Cue.

What is super annoying is that there doesn't seem to be any keyboard shortcut for "Save as Version" at all. There's a shortcut for every single option in the File menu except for "Save as Version." Anyone got any clues?

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