Open source twitter clone anyone?

Does anyone know of an open source twitter clone?  Preferably in PHP or Python.  Not a client mind you, but the server guts of receiving IMs and doing something with them, enabling followers, public viewing, etc.  I want to implement this on an intranet inside a corp network and obviously not display our tweets for public consumption, but only internal consumption.  If this doesn't exist, what do you all think is the easiest way to create this?  An instance of jabber or something else?


PATX said...

did you even try google???

anyways, minitwit powered by python/flask is awesome.


just run it and then you can view it on localhost or on a private network

¡Somos Latinos! said...

Checkout http://jisko.net/

Radek said...

Any luck finding one?

Anonymous said...

StatusNet / Identi.ca :)

Unknown said...

twitter was written in ruby on rails... i wish to see an open source project similar to the real one on ruby on rails project.

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