Hiring PHP5 Programmers

My company has placed an ad looking for more PHP5 programmers to work mostly in the social networking area.  We have a coding test that we give to everyone whose resume passes muster.  It's a basic test, includes some CRUD database functions as well as creating a basic Facebook app.  We specify PHP5 all over the place.

But no one who takes the test ever uses any of PHP5's attributes.  Not one test app has come back using classes of any kind other then the Facebook reference.

Am I being too hard on people for this?  Maybe we need to specify that creating classes is recommended if not mandatory?  I don't  know what the answer is, but I know that upon receiving several recent test apps in "PHP5" that have include files that contain only functions, I'm a little depressed.  And yes, I used the quotes around php5 on purpose.


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