Turned off my "home page" today

I turned off my web hosting today that hosted my home page and a few small facebook apps that weren't making any serious money.  It's kind of the end of an era for me.  I've hosted my own web page and small apps since probably 1997.  

These days it just doesn't make much sense to host your own anything.  The cloud is our new overlord and I for one love the stuffing out of it.

You can have code at github and bitbucket for free (bitbucket does private repos at no cost - yay! ).

You can have your blog on blogger or wordpress.

You have your random one-liners and cries for help on twitter.

You have linkedin so that recruiters can spam the daylights out of you with terrible positions in far away countries.

You have roughly a ba-jillion services for hosting your small apps, like Heroku, PHP Cloud, Google App Engine, and Azure.

I just can't justify the expense of a basic web hosting or virtual server account any more.  I won't miss  doing the system administration on that thing and constantly worrying about hackers.  That's for sure.

I still need a proper home page for my domains to link to all my various cloud identities.  Any suggestions?


pelletized said...

this may seem spammy, but if all you want is a html page up there, i've had good success using http://www.000webhost.com/, that's where javascriptcheck.com lives.

Rich Zygler said...

Yeah, that might be good, I really just want one page up there for free that I don't have to host that points to all my other stuff.

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