Everybody else is doing the Ajax Whois, why not me?

A buddy at work fell in love with the Ajax Whois and wanted a version on his own linux site. I've been playing around with a lot of Ajax stuff lately so I thought I'd give it a go using Ajax (javascript) and PHP. Here's the resulting code. It's just a quick and dirty solution because I had some technical difficulties working on his crappy server. I couldn't upload anything (like the brilliant prototype js library) so I had to bake most of the js from scratch except for a line borrowed here and there, most notably from this guy. Of course the other informal rule was that it had to be completed during spare time at work today. It's just two files, index.php and whois.php (rename the saved files with .php extension). Download and enjoy your own web based ajax whois. Just be careful not to get yourself blacklisted by doing tons of searches in a short time period.

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