Zend Studio Tip of the day -- Bookmarks

Ever need to refer to 2 or more different places in a file while in Zend? You can bookmark the sections for easy manuvering through the file. Put your cursor on the line you want to bookmark, and either right click the line number on the left or hit "F2." Voila! A green bookmark has been setup.

How do you use this puppy? Easy. Take a look at the right hand side of the editor window and you'll see a green line that is clickable, right next to the scroll bar. Clicking there takes you to that bookmark. Even cooler, if you hover over the bookmark line there, it will pop-up the line of code that is bookmarked.

If you need to remove the bookmark, you do the same thing, right click on the line number of hit F2 again.

Until next time... Happy Zending!

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